Sunday, April 6, 2014

Meet Our Leaders: Zari Haggenmiller

Zari!Hey hey HEY! I'm extremely excited for the best summer ever! I mean honestly- could it get any better than seeing a part of this amazing planet on a bicycle powered by your own body with a new group of friends? I didn't think so. My name is Zari (rhymes with sorry) and I am from the Pacific Northwest, although I am currently a resident of the great mitten state of Michigan. My most memorable biking and camping trip (so far!) was a few years ago from Kalamazoo College to Lake Michigan. I had my mind set on running down a sand dune and into the lake as soon as we got there, so the fact that it was chilly out made it an even more memorable experience- I never felt more alive! I am currently a tutor and mentor in a Detroit public school, with a program under AmeriCorps. I love helping students reach their fullest potential, it has been a really rewarding experience. I have also been attending adult bike mechanic classes, and I've really taken pride in everything I have been able to fix! In the past I have lead a variety of student programs, and I am excited to be able to combine the elements of travel and physical activity into the mix! In addition to what we will do doing this summer, I also really love playing soccer, climbing trees, drinking tea, reading books, baking all sorts of desserts, listening to music, and trying to get people to interpretive dance along with me! I'm really pumped to get to know you and I know we will have a blast if you don't mind the frequent bad pun.