Friday, March 16, 2018

The Adventurer Newsletter Vol. 18 No. 22

Across America 10th Anniversary Year! 

It's Teen Treks' 10th year of running Across America Treks! In 2008 we ran our first Across America Trek and Annalisa was one of the trekkers on that first trip!

I honestly do not know where to start on this intrepid journey the seven of us took this summer. Although it may sound like a cliché, I have so many great memories, that will stay with me forever.

Sure, I could talk about the mountain we climbed in the dusk during a storm or maybe the tree house we slept in. I could go on about the monotonous scenery in Montana and how we even ran out of things to think about or maybe playing Frisbee over the Continental Divide. Perhaps the interesting people we met along the way or the exhilaration you get after climbing 30 miles uphill and finally letting gravity do it’s job as you slide downhill. I could tell you about the tomato-avocado cookie, the nurf gun battles, or maybe the restaurant where horseradish wasn’t available, but I guess you would have had to have been there to understand.

We biked through rain, heat, hail, and even snow, up mountains, though valleys, and on the endless plains. Through thick and thin, mentally and physically, we made it all in one piece and I would do anything to be back on the seat of my bicycle instead of pushed into a desk at school.

Reaching the George Washington Bridge, with a crystal clear view of New York City in the distance, was surely one of the most amazing moments of my life. All I can say is boy, do we have a hell of a story to tell to our grandchildren.
- Annalisa Van den Bergh, Across America Trek 2008

"It changed my life. It was a great adventure" - Alex Siregar, Across America Trek 2008

The Mud-Dwelling Invertebrates Bike Across America
Annalisa's 2008 video "The Mud-Dwelling Invertebrates Bike Across America"
Teen Bike Camp - Ready to hit the road

Mid-Atlantic Families! The Great Allegheny Passage Trek Now Starts & Ends in Washington, DC!

The Great Allegheny Passage Trek is a truly remarkable journey alongside the picturesque Youghiogheny River and along the historic canal envisioned by George Washington, a route that is entirely off road from Pittsburgh to Washington DC! Our route follows the Great Allegheny Passage and the tow path of the C&O Canal - both trails are automobile free. I have experienced the Great Allegheny Passage Trek as a trekker and Trip Leader. As a trekker at the age of 13 this trek was an easy first long distance bicycle trip for me because the route was flat, no hills along the trail! We stopped at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house, the historic town of Harpers Ferry, the Antietam Battlefield in Maryland, & many small friendly towns along the way. As a Trip Leader I remember being especially enamored of the quiet campsites along the C&O Canal on the banks of the Potomac River. These quiet campsites which we had to ourselves were the perfect places for campfires, short walks to the nearby 19th century ruins of old canal aqueducts and the loud voices of young teens (I didn't have to worry about the trekkers disturbing anyone out there). As a history buff, I was delighted to see the trekkers stop to read the many historic markers along the trail. Hopefully I get to ride these trails this summer and I hope your teen gets to experience this wonderful trek as well!

- Tyler, Teen Treks Program Director

Great Allegheny Passage 
Starts: Washington, D.C. (Drop-off also available in Pittsburgh, PA)
Ends: Washington, D.C.
The Great Allegheny Passage
Watch this video to get a better idea of the beauty you'll encounter along the Great Allegheny Passage Trail
Teen Tours - teens being adventurous
What do Teen Trek leaders do when they are not leading treks?

Hey trekkers and families! Since returning home from the Across America trip with Teen Treks last year, I have been busy finishing up my senior year at UMass Amherst studying psychology and English. I am currently working on a creative thesis and writing about my time working for Teen Treks last year. My winter has been spent in the mountains skiing as much as I can, and when I am not skiing, I am usually reading or teaching Zumba. I love the winter season, but I am looking forward to getting back on my bike soon!

-Liza, Across America Trek Leader 2017

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European Grand Tour 
On this incredible 4-country adventure, you’ll bike through major cities and quaint villages in Britain, France, Belgium, and Holland, visiting major museums and monuments, eating at great local restaurants, and getting to know each place’s music, art, history, landscapes, and people. You’ll stay in hostels and hotels, and camp out in the countryside between touring major cities with great bike culture. A truly amazing way to experience Europe!
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Travel Adventures - Bike Amsterdam-Paris
Maine Coast Trek
The beautiful harbors, small towns, and winding back roads along the coastline from Boston, MA to Bar Harbor, ME make this biking and camping adventure unforgettable. We'll spend 3 days in Acadia National Park where we'll wake up for the first sunrise in the United States atop Cadillac Mountain! Pack your swimsuit and sneakers, the Maine Coast Trek is jam-packed with outdoor adventure!
Travel Adventures - Bike Amsterdam-Paris
Travel Adventures - Bike Across America
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