Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Day Off on Orcus Island

Monday was not only our first opportunity to kick our feet onto the metaphorical coffee table, but our first chance to scrub out our reeking apparel. Concentrated camping soap and lake water has made me miss loading the washing machine. On another note,  it was a treat to eat a hearty breakfast of dry Cheerios at 11 AM rather than 6.  Over the course of Sunday, we splurged a bit on group canoeing— we had a fantastic time gliding over the tranquil waters at Moran State Park.  Great conversations, group bonding, and ice cream ensued.  Personally, I went with raspberry ripple. No regrets. Soon after, our group split up. Nadia, Harlan and Aimee bravely ventured out to the other side of a daunting mountain. Meanwhile,  Koby, Cole, Mike, Jonah, and myself went on an intense trek to Sunrise Rock.  Mountain baseball was played with a log and pinecones. Unfortunately, nobody managed to hit one into the lake. By the time we returned Harlan, Nadia and Aimee were nowhere to be seen. We assumed that they were food shopping miles away from our campsite.  To our surprise, they returned it only minutes later, bearing a $16 monster of a rice crispy treat, which the nine of us decimated within minutes.  I nearly forgot to mention that they snatched a horde of s'mores supplies. Good times.
~Written by Trekker Aaron