Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pacific Northwest Trekkers Almost Reach Bellingham, WA

Today as we were leaving Burlington, WA, Harlan took a spill. While nonchalantly looking back, he ran into a pole and cut his leg, requiring stitches. We took him to the ER and he quickly regained his spirits. We then left Harlan to the friendly hospital staff and went to a bike shop. After some much needed repairs we returned to the pizza place that we enjoyed so much yesterday. Biking at a stellar pace, we proceeded to the campground and biked up a stunning mountain. We ate delicious burgers, hand-formed and cooked by Aaron and Jonah, and debriefed before having s'mores and a sing-along by the fire. Besides Harlan's forces hiatus it was a successful day. 
~Written by Trekker Jonah