Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FIRST DAY: New York-Montreal Trek

A large group of anxious bikers assembled this morning in Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan at 8 a.m. for the beginning of their 16 day, 400+ mile adventure up the Hudson Valley, through the Adirondacks, cornering Vermont, and into Quebec, Canada to Montreal.  The adventure started with a short train ride out of NYC with all their bikes and equipment to Dobbs Ferry.  There the group played some ice-breaker games, talked about bike safety and rules of the road and then headed north along the Saw Mill River Bike Trail.  Today they have an easy 20 mile ride to Croton Point Park Campground on the Hudson River.

A Great Day in Acadia National Park for the Maine Coast Trekkkers

Yesterday was quite the day to remember as it was our first full day in Acadia and our first of two long-awaited rest days. We woke up approximately one hour later than usual to the sound of sizzling Teen Trek scrambled pancakes. The sizzling didn't last so long, however, as we ran out of propane rather quickly, but Max and Jenna were on the case as they jolted out of the campsite to scour the land for some much-needed propane. When we obtained the propane from the store, a massive boys versus girls pancake cook-off ensued as all hell broke loose throughout the campground. Shortly after the boys effortlessly won the cook-off, we embarked on our journey to the great Bah Hahbah  (Bar Harbor). For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the Teen Trek group rode in an automobile, a bus to be specific, to the town of Bah Hahbah. We traveled to Bar Island and skipped rocks for a while as the great grocery girl Sarah retrieved fresh meat, bread, and vegetables for a scrumptious lunch in the square concluded by the ravenous consumption of garbage cotton candy bestowed upon us by a random stranger. Afterwards,  we made haste towards Echo Lake and swam/bathed in the relieving texture and temperature of the freshwater lake. We had many experiences in Echo Lake such as vicious chicken fights, meeting our boy CJ, and even spawning the menacing triple chicken; short-lived but left a lasting impression. Following our two or so hours in the lake, we hiked up the side of the mountain surrounding the lake, conquering treacherous slopes and death-defying ladders. It was worth the risk, though, as we arrived upon the blueberry bushes located at the peak of the mountain. Unfortunately, our time at Echo Lake had come to an end and we boarded the bus and headed back to the town of Bah Hahbah. We stumbled upon a wonderful deli and had delicious burgers, fries, chicken, and onion rings for dinner accompanied, of course, by unlimited refills on Mountain Dew. The rain got the best of us, however, so we departed the town in earnest to return to Blackwoods Campground to protect our belongings from the impending rain. The rain luckily only lasted for about half an hour, so the group was able to sleep soundly for the short time they had before they got to wake up and before sunrise to begin their journey up Cadillac Mountain.
Written by trekker Ryan, the voice of our generation 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maine Coast Trek Makes it to Acadia National Park

The Maine Coasters have arrived in Acadia! The day began with some efficient biking and after we refueled with lunch, ice cream, and milkshakes we pedaled through the beautiful woods of Mt Desert Island. The spaghetti and meatball dinner was exactly what we needed before we got inside our tents and fell asleep to the pattering sound of rain drops.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers are Feeling the Heat

The Maine Coasters pulled through a very hot, very sunny, and very rewarding day! We sweated up many hills and coasted down on the other side, congratulating each other after each climb. The afternoon brought beautiful views of the Penobscot River and Verona Island. After we rolled into our campsite and chowed down on some tasty grilled cheese, we had a cup cake celebration for Lillie for her last night on the trip. We are glad we got the opportunity to share this much of the trip with her and we wish her the best! On to Acadia National Park!

Hot Connecticut-Rhode Island Bikers Reward Themselves with a Hotel Pool.

We woke up at 5:45. After a short bike ride to the bathrooms, then packing the tents, and a yummy breakfast we were ready to head out. Later we found a bartender who offered us an oasis of iced water, which was perfect for our parched mouths. We came across a nice bike path that looked over the beautiful ocean. Due to some flat tires along the way the leaders taught us how to change the tubes and patch tires! We made it to the hotel and then headed off to Friendly's for food and ice cream. We biked around the town of Mystic and then returned for a refreshing splash in the hotel pool! As the sun set we ordered Chinese food to be delivered to the hotel. Tomorrow morning we look forward to going to the Mystic Seaport museum.
Group effort blog post

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Bike Northeast to Camden State Park

Today we had a regular biking day. We rode up many hills, trekked on one main street, and struggled through another flat tire. Then we rode while it rained, which was refreshing  for us sweaty bikers. We arrived to our campsite which had a beautiful scenic view and  then met another Teen Trek Trip Leader, Jenna (that lives in Camden, ME) who cooked us a complete dinner... FOR FREEEEE.
We watched the sun set over the ocean while we swung on swings and swam in the ocean.
Written by Trekker Alexei 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Connecticut-Rhode Island Trekkers Enjoy First Day of Biking and the Beach

Day one began as everyone gathered by various modes of transportation, planes, trains and automobiles to finally meet in the smoldering sun at the Guilford train station. The group headed off to Hammonasett State Park beach and campground where we were so delighted to have the ocean right at our fingertips. Dinner was great, Evan's special 'robot chicken' pleased all! Tuckered out tired, the night ended very quickly. Day 2 brings us excitement about getting to know everyone more!

Maine Coast Trekkers Triumphant over the Hills and Heat

Day eight was an entirely different story from the one before! After filling up on a great big breakfast of cereal, fruit, granola, and bagels and dealing with a few too many bike issues, we finally set out on the road. Today was one of our longest riding days and it also proved to be the most challenging so far because of the (seemingly) never ending hills and scorching sun. Needless to say, we compensated for the heat with lots of water breaks, a swim break, and an ice cream stop. When we finally made it to the beautiful lakeside campground, we were met with a wonderful surprise from Kevin's parents... a box full of chocolate chip cookies (thank you!)!!! Most of us then headed straight for the water and enjoyed soaking our tired bodies, had dinner, and played a game of volleyball before Ryan started the nightly bonfire. Another fun and rewarding day down!
Written by Trekker Sarah

Friday, July 22, 2016

FIRST DAY: Connecticut-Rhode Island Trek

Trekkers met this morning in New York City/Guilford, CT for their 10 day, 150+ mile adventure along the beautiful shore of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  After a relaxing train ride on the Metro North out of Grand Central Terminal the group doubled in size with more bikers joining the group at the Guilford Shore Line East Station.  Over the next week and a half the group will bike to many state park beaches, Mystic Seaport, Block Island, Newport, and the city of Providence.  The group had a picnic lunch in Guilford and got to know one another playing some ice-breaking games.  After a talk about bike safety and rules of the road the group headed east for their 8 mile ride to Hammonassett State Park Campground.

Maine Coast Trekkers Are on the Road Again

Today was day 7 and it was a fairly easy day. We woke up at around 8:15 this morning so we could have breakfast in the hotel (the rest day and the two nights were super nice). We biked for 2 and a half hours. We had lunch at a super nice cove on the beach, and then we got back on our bikes for awhile. Today was only a 25 mile day so it wasn't too challenging, but there were some pretty tough hills that we all powered through. Once we got to the campsite with minimal backtracking thanks to our amazing point Ryan, we found a really nice site to set up camp. It was supposed to be on the water, but in reality there is just a massive pool of mud. Some people decided to walk around in it but it looked very disgusting.. most decided not to. We then all relaxed while the dinner crew made a very delicious fried rice meal, and we finished this day off with a very nice dessert. A good end to a good day.
-Written by Trekker Tristan

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Enjoy Their Day-off in Portland

We woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel. We then walked into Portland and found ourselves at a local farmer's market. Lillie, Cassidy, and Kiera got some beautiful henna on their hands. Max and Sarah got us potato donuts, and then we all sat in a park and ate them. We each tried a piece of them all. There were many flavors, including maple bacon and pomegranate. We walked along old train tracks and around the city. We ate lunch at a Salvadorian restaurant, then we got to split up and walk around by ourselves. We looked around shops and sat near the ocean. We regrouped and headed to bowling, where we ate dinner and bowled. Then we walked back to the hotel and went to sleep in real beds.
Written by Trekker Molly

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Arrive in Portland for 2 Luxurious Hotel Nights

As the Teen Trek team awoke to the damp atmosphere and soggy ground of the campsite resulting from the rainstorm the previous day, the angelic sound of Max's guitar prepared each and every teen for a fantastic ride up to Portland, ME. Unlike most of the previous rides this one was particularly flat and easy-going which proved beneficial as the group had to make up some mileage due to the delays from the prior storm. They kept up a fantastic pace through the morning leaving approximately 25 miles behind them before even stopping for lunch. In the afternoon, however, the ride switched to a more scenic, mellow paced ride through a shady bike path decorated with a group selfie in the middle of the road. As the group approached the end of the ride they conquered their difficulties riding into a strong headwind as they finally arrived to the final destination of Portland. The sound of the rapping frog mascot as they arrived at the hotel signified the victorious and relieved feeling of the group as they finally had access to showers and yes...even laundry.
Written by Trekker Ryan

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Perfect Biking Day on the Maine Coast

Day 4: We started out early this morning and got all of our grocery shopping for the day done before we even got on the road. Being that a huge reason why everybody signed up for this trip was the hope of seeing beautiful coastal views, today was exactly the ride we wanted with the water to our right, mansions to our left, the hot sun shining down on us, and that cool ocean breeze keeping a smile on our faces. I don't think it would be a stretch to say the beginning of our day was pure bliss. If wasn't long before we came across a short bridge that a bunch of local kids were hanging out at and our point, Kevin, decided to stop. We had so much fun jumping in the water, swimming, and talking to the locals. Our next highlight came further down the road in Portsmouth, NH. We took about an hour to wander around and explore this historic coastal town before getting caught in a rainstorm that forced us to seek cover at a local boat yard in York, ME. Not even a torrential downpour could put a damper on our fun though and we spent a couple of hours playing card games until the rain passed and the sunshine resumed. Then, to change up our routine a bit, we stopped at a pavilion at York Beach and cooked dinner here to share. An overall incredible day full of both biking and laughter before we head to Portland!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Make it to New Hampshire

Day 3: today our trip really began living up to is name... We did some great riding along the Atlantic Coast.  We spent some time in the cute town of Newberryport, where we got gelato and milled about with other tourists. In the early evening we stopped at a beach, where most people either swam or did yoga. Several miles later, we crossed over into New Hampshire and arrived at Tidewater campsite. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!
Written by Trekker Kiera

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Bike Northeastern Massachusetts

Day two. Max woke us up in song. We got slurpies! A woman at Cumbies (Cumberland Farms) paid for our drinks, which was very kind of her. The trip was longer than expected, but it made the beach stop all the better. Cassidy was our point (person with map), Alexi was in charge of making everyone drink water, and the counselors stayed the same. We started from Harold Parker State Park, 43 miles later, we ended up in Gloucester. It's Ryan's birthday, we had a little celebration for him at dinner. Happy birthday was sung and chocolate marshmallow banana bread eaten. We also had smores and blue fire. -Written by Trekker Lillie 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Maine Coast Trekkers Had a Great First Day

Great first day for the Maine Coasters as we traveled from Lowell to Harold Parker State Forest. It was a scorcher out there so after we sweated up the hills, we enjoyed a lunch with cold lemonade on the shores of Martins Pond. Once we arrived to the campsite and set up our tents it was time to enjoy the campsite's own beach! We cooled down in the water and came back to camp to prepare some delicious fajitas. It was a clear night in a beautiful state park.

Cape Cod Trekkers Complete Their 250+ Mile Loop in Boston

We have come full circle since two weeks ago—we returned to Boston today. We spent a leisurely hour and a half on the ferry from Provincetown, then had
Trip Leaders Aimee & Andy
a short bike ride to our hostel. All of our gear went into a storage room, then we set off! It was super hot—around 90 degrees. At the Boston Commons, we explored the Outside the Box Festival and had fun collecting free stuff from vendors. To cool off, we went to the hostel and played pool. We met up with Teen Treks Director Cliff for dinner at the Hot Pot Buffet, where we cooked Chinese vegetables, noodles, and meat in boiling broth. Our day ended with more festival and some sweets from a local cafe.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Nine excited Trekkers and Trip Leaders Sarah & Max met at Boston's North Station early today to begin their 16 day, 400+ mile ride north through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  To bypass riding through Boston streets the group took an MTA train to Lowell, MA. There they will get to know one another, talk about bike safety before exploring this city's Industrial Revolution past.  Finally they will bike 15 miles to their campsite at Harold Parker State Forest.

Cape Cod Trekkers Do It All in Provincetown

Today we rode on the Dunes bike trail, stopping at Race Point Beach. We then went to the Pilgrim Monument, climbing the 116 steps, taking a selfie, and seeing the tip of the cape. Shopping was our next stop! Around 1:30 we boarded the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watching Company. Most of the whales were humpbacks, and a few were finbacks. We saw the most famous humpback whale named Salt. She was swimming with her calf Sriracha. Nearly all of us got soaked. We ended the night with dinner, Aimee's flute playing, and cards.
Written by Trekker Liz

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Next Stop Provincetown for Cape Cod Trekkers

Our team had another long trek today from Brewster to Provincetown. We woke up to find two or three turkey families cutting through our "backyard." The rest of the morning was also pleasant with a nice, smooth ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, then a stop at Coast Guard Beach. Only half of us went in the water because it was a measly 58 degrees! The afternoon was tougher with some long hills. We stopped for water at a tourist information hut and the man inside gave us all iced tea. We all felt accomplished when we finally reached Dunes Edge Campground.