Monday, July 6, 2015

Across America Trekkers are Hot, Tired, and Happy in a Motel

To celebrate the 4th of July the Across America trekkers watched fireworks shot over the Columbia River Gorge.  In the morning they set out for their longest day so far, riding 75+ miles in very, very, very, hot weather.  To beat the heat the group was up at 5 a.m. and did much of their riding before lunch.  Like many afternoons the group had a several hour siesta before riding for a few hours in the early evening.  To celebrate their long day they stayed in a motel in Walla Walla with great showers, soft beds, and T.V.  "Life is good!" -- Trip Leader Lydia

Cape Cod Trek Has a Fun First Day

Yesterday, our Cape Cod journey began in Boston, as our fearless trekkers rolled in early morning, bikes in tow, and assembled as a unit across from the city's South Station.
Our day began with a short train ride down to North Scituate. While our bikes took up the whole aisle in the adjoining car, we spent our time on the train getting to know one another and talking about our first day.
Once we reached North Scituate, we headed to Shaw's grocery store and purchased food for our next few meals. We found a shady spot under a tree, next to a small, local church to stop and have lunch.
Following lunch, we pedaled onward towards the Wompatuck State Park. Though we missed our turn into the campground by a short mile, it allowed for us to enjoy the lush, green scenery and beautiful homes - some of which had large, old fishing boats displayed on their lawns. In all, we rode about 12 miles total.
When we arrived at our campsite, we unpacked our gear, pitched our tents and spent some time relaxing with one another. Some of the trekkers had an exhilarating time racing their bikes around the park with leader Cory. Before a shared meal of red bean quesadillas for dinner, we played a group game of "Robot Karate." As our fire died down, we went to sleep to prepare for our next day's ride.
-- Trip Leaders Annise and Cory

C&O Canal Trek in Paw Paw, WV

The C&O Canal Trekkers spent the night at the YMCA Recreation Area in Cumberland, MD.   Today they entered the C&O Canal National Historic Park that extends 184 miles to Washington, DC.  The group learned the history of the canal which operated for 100 years as the lifeline bringing coal, lumber, and agricultural products to market.  The former towpath along the canal presently serves as the bikepath.  Early in the day they repaired a flat tire on one of the bicycles and then biked 30+ miles to Paw Paw, WV.  The rain has been holding out and spirits are very high.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

California Coast Trek Cycles Amongst Natural Beauty

The California Coast Trek cyclists headed south from Big Sur on a beautiful route, taking in many vistas of the ocean and pristine beaches on the right and dense wilderness on the left.  It was their longest day yet, some 45 miles to San Simeon State Park.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

C&O Canal Trekkers Ride the Entire Allegheny Passage Trail

After a busy 2 days in Ohiopyle, PA the C&O Canal trekkers left their campsite and continued 30 miles down the Allegheny Passage Rail-to-Trail to Rockwood, PA.  They cooked dinner and made it into their tents in time to stay dry for what was a rainy night.  Today they are finishing the 150 mile Allegheny Passage trail that ends in Cumberland, MD.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Across America Trek Rides Miles and Miles Along the Columbia River

The Across America Trek is cycling east from Portland.  Yesterday they cycled to Moiser, OR,  Early in the day they had their first lesson on flat tires to remove a staple.  Highlights of the day included picking blackberrys along the trail, seeing Bridge of the Gods which is a beautiful mural outside Cascade Locks, OR, and a picnic lunch along the river bank. The group is making a Caprese Pasta Salad for dinner and camping in the most beautiful camping spot so far.  It's way above the river and you can see miles and miles in each direction.

C&O Canal Climbs to FLW's Falling Water

The CO Canal Trek has spent a busy 2 days in Ohiopyle, PA. On Wednesday they rode a fast 20 miles to get into town in time for white water rafting midday. They loved it! They did a guided tour of the Lower Yough. On Thursday they did a well needed laundry and then headed up and up a mountain to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House.  Later in the day they played a game of Theater of the Oppressed, went swimming and got ice cream.  They have been camping at Ohiopyle State Park in a beautiful campsite where they have cooked their dinners and marshmellows over a campfire.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

California Coast Trek in Big Sur

Everyone is alive and well in Big Sur.  Went to the beach, spent time on the rocks and in the sea, went hiking up the valley wall, biking up very large hills, and camping!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Team Bonding With the California Trekkers

What does one do after a long day of biking in California? Well, you find the nearest strawberry field and go to town, of course! The Trekkers found that the best way to end their strawberry feast was with a good round of the Ha Ha game. More on their adventures soon...

Across America Treks to Fort Stevens State Park

The Across America Trekkers arrived safely at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon after a long day that was punctuated by quite a few bike problems. That didn't break their stride though! With the outstanding help of a great bike mechanic, the group was soon back on track and arrived to the campground in one piece. With their bellies full from a very tasty goulash, the Trekkers soon retired for the evening in preparation for the great days of biking and adventure that lie ahead.

C&O Canal Trek's First Day on the Road

The C&O Canal Trip kicked off its first real day of biking yesterday. It was a day full of getting used to the bikes and of meaningful conversations between the group members and with the many people that the group encountered along the way. The locals were full of great tips about what to explore in the area. Whitewater rafting is definitely on the top of the list of things to do. The group also cooked its very first meal together (quesadillas!) at their campground in Boston, PA, which was a huge milestone because none of the Trekkers had had any prior experience in the kitchen. They also built their first fire, which was an experience in and of itself. Overall, the Trekkers' spirits are high and are looking forward to a great day of whitewater rafting today!

Monday, June 29, 2015

California Trek Bikes from Lighthouse Hostel to Lighthouse Hostel

We biked 38 miles from Montara to Pescadero. We ate lunch at a beach and after we went down to the shore to swim. Our bike ride included some cool views of the ocean and hills/mountains. Tonight we're staying at the lighthouse hostel at Pigeon Point.   Written by Alex:

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Across America Treks' First Day (54 to go)

Across America Trekkers enjoyed their first evening at the Seaside International Hostel in Seaside, OR. This morning they made pancakes and eggs complimentary of the hostel and heard some tall tales from the folks staying there about mystical hot springs in Montana.  After assembling their bikes they dipped their wheels in the Pacific Ocean and they have a short ride up the beautiful coastline to Astoria, Oregon.  They'll make dinner and camp at Fort Stevens State Park.  Tomorrow they head east on a 3,800+ mile, 8 week adventure ending at Coney Island in New York City.

C&O Canal Trek Begins in Pittsburgh

The C&O Canal Trek is a 400+ mile off-road ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. along a rail-to-trail and an old canal towpath.  The group met this morning at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel and has a full day of sight-seeing planned.  After a discussion on bike safety and rules of the road the group will bike around 'Open Streets', go to Bike Heaven, take a railcar up Mt. Washington, and possibly check out a museum, and/or the botanical gardens.  They have very comfortable accommodations at the Wyndham Grand tonight and then tomorrow they bike southeast on their 13 day outdoor adventure.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

California Coast Trek Spends First Day in San Francisco

As the sun began to shine through the morning fog Teen Treks set out to walk up to Coit Tower which offered spectacular views of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. We then continued the day by playing a game of human knot. Although this game was extremely fun, Ninja on the other hand stole the show! Dan was the winner of Ninja as he knew how to effectively attack his opponents and defend his own life. After these ice breakers we walked over to Lombard St and we were overtaken by the patterns of the street dubbed "the crookedest street in the world." At the top of Lombard St we hopped onto the Hyde St cable car and took it to the cable car museum where we learned about San Francisco and its rich history. We then walked through Chinatown and grabbed pizza in Little Italy. In the afternoon we rode our bikes to the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind was so strong on the bridge that it almost pushed me off my bike! Riding back to the hostel for dinner we made one final stop at the Palace of Fine Arts. Tomorrow we set off on our first day down the coast out of San Francisco.  Post mostly written by Jared

Friday, June 26, 2015

California Coast Trek Gathers in San Francisco

The California Coast Trek officially began in San Francisco this morning after their pre-night stay at the Green Tortoise Hostel.  With their bikes fully assembled and a discussion about bike safety and the rules of the road,  they will be biking around the city today to do sight seeing and take in  some local foods.  Tomorrow the group sets off along the Pacific coast for their 500+ mile Trek to Los Angeles.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meet Our Leaders: Andy

Greetings, yo!

I'm Andy, from Plattsburgh NY.  This summer is my most exciting one yet, as I am leading a second year in a row for Teen Treks.  I've done a tour each summer for the past 5 years, the most notable ones going from Troy to Plymouth and back, as well as with Teen Treks on their New England and Maine coast trips.  Right now, I'm about to go back to college to finish a psychology degree at Plattsburgh State, finishing up two last classes this school year! I've been a Resident Assistant at SUNY Plattsburgh for 2.5 years, and was a summer camp counselor for 5 years.  I like to sing, dance, do cartwheels, grow a beard, throw frisbees super far, hike, run, and make people smile. 

Over the past couple of years, I've had wonderful opportunities through the university to do volunteer work in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia over my winter and spring breaks.  We helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity, and work in the parks of Florida eliminating invasive species of plants, and in Virginia doing trail maintenance.
I'm very passionate about cycling, whether it be cruising down a big hill or pushing up the next one.  There is something just too special about the wind in your hair, the power in your legs (and mind), and the happiness from conquering a trail.   Discovering new things is the spice of life, and I can't wait to make that happen -- on my bicycle, and alongside you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meet Our Leaders: Elazar

Hello explorers!! My name is Elazar, and I'm from Albany, NY. I'm super excited to be on the road, seeing new places and breathing fresh air! In the past, I've traveled to California, Istanbul, Israel, Roatan, St Louis, and many places all along the East Coast, including a backpacking trip up Mount Washington! I'm obsessed with playing guitar, cooking, skipping stones, philosophy, good views, campfires, drawing and sculpture, and of course eating! I have experience as a counselor in training at a summer camp a few years back, and have worked as a teaching assistant for many years in college. As trips get closer, I can hear the clear sky and open road calling to me, and I know I can't wait to get going!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Glimpse of Leadership Training in the Niagara Region

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Meet Our Leaders: Cory

Hello fellow Trekkers! My name is Cory and I'm from Victor NY, a cozy beautiful little town near Rochester. I love biking places because it provides a much more intimate traveling experience. You can feel the wind, hear the birds, breathe in the fresh air, and it's an Eco-friendly way of getting around! While attending Medaille College in Buffalo I found biking to be the best way to get around the city in an enjoyable and timely way. I love to play music, hear new music, travel, explore nature, and of course, bike! I have been fortunate to be able to travel all over in my lifetime; to California, the Midwest, Colorado, I've even been as far as China when I was in high school! I've coached many volleyball camps over the years and also worked at a summer camp in Victor. Both jobs required working with younger children and teens and I found the experiences I received in these jobs extremely rewarding! I can't wait to get pedaling and explore everything we can on the incredible journeys that await!